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Self-Diagnostic Test

Organizational Structure Self-Test

1 // Are the lines of authority clearly defined for your managers and supervisors?Deselect Answer

2 // Have your managers and supervisors’ job descriptions been updated in the past 12 months?Deselect Answer

3 // Have you reviewed and can you justify each non-revenue generating position?Deselect Answer

4 // Are your spans of control reasonable and high enough so your management and supervisory overhead are minimized and still effective?Deselect Answer

5 // Are your managers and supervisors doing work that is commensurate with their position and not spending a disproportionate amount of their time doing work that should be completed by workers at levels below the managers and supervisors?Deselect Answer

6 // On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most capable), are your managers’ and supervisors’ abilities between 8 - 10?Deselect Answer

7 // Are your managers’ and supervisors’ compensation plans aligned with the company’s goals?Deselect Answer

8 // Do you have an effective Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting system that allows you to measure manager and supervisor effectiveness?Deselect Answer

9 // Are succession plans in place for all mission-critical positions?Deselect Answer

10 // When you pause and think about your organization structure, are you comfortable and confident you have the present and future needs of the company covered?Deselect Answer

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