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Self-Diagnostic Tests provide owners and executives a means to self-evaluate the current state of their key departments and processes. Owners and executives are encouraged to take multiple tests and share the results with other members of the management team.

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Inventory Control Self-Test

There have been numerous wholesalers over the past few years that have experienced major inventory loss through organized efforts, some allegedly lead by long-standing, trusted employees. Controlling your inventory will not only save you money, it also sends the right message to everyone in the company that inventory control matters and that the whole company must take it seriously.

Supplier and Portfolio Management Self-Test

Managing suppliers and the overall portfolio needs to be driven by strategy and supported by processes and organization structure. Effective strategy allows the wholesaler to balance the desires of the suppliers with the sales and profit needs of the wholesaler.

Service Policy Self-Test

Service policy is the link between strategy and routing. Service policy impacts sales, delivery and merchandising frequency, all of which directly impact profit margins. Having a formal service policy and adhering to the policy are fundamental to being an effective wholesaler and deploying resources.

Warehouse Labor Management Self-Test

More and more wholesalers are looking at their warehouse labor management and control practices trying to determine ways to stabilize the workforce, produce more accurate orders and control overall labor costs. Wholesalers need to look at improving warehouse labor costs as a major opportunity.

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