Inventory Control Systems

Don’t wait for a problem to kickstart an inventory control system.

Inventory is the wholesaler’s largest liquid asset. Wholesalers are often operating 24 hours a day and major portions of the wholesaler’s workforce are short-term and relatively transient.  Inventory control is all about effective process design and the definition of responsibilities to minimize the risk of inventory loss.

Inventory Control consulting services include:

  • Auditing all inventory movement processes to see the current state of the inventory control
        • Inventory ordering
        • Receiving
        • Breakage
      • Picking/checking/loading
        • Driver check-out, check-in, and route settlement
        • Inventory counting and discrepancy resolution
        • Transfers
      • Evaluating the physical security and access to inventory
      • Defining roles and responsibilities
      • Instituting steps to ensure separation of duties and inventory process integrity
      • Management and oversight approval for all inventory adjustments