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Self-Diagnostic Test

Brand Management Self-Test

1 // Have you clearly defined the purpose/role of your brand managers?Deselect Answer

2 // Have you clearly defined the brand managers' authority levels regarding different types of decisions?Deselect Answer

3 // Is there a proper separation between sales planning (brand management) and sales execution (field sales)?Deselect Answer

4 // Have all suppliers been prioritized to gauge the focus and effort you will provide each supplier?Deselect Answer

5 // Has upper-level management provided your brand managers with management guidelines that help steer decision-making and priorities?Deselect Answer

6 // Is your brand managers’ compensation tied to the performance of their assigned brands (gross profit, CE sales, ABP goal attainment, etc.)?Deselect Answer

7 // Are your brand managers effectively managing the SKUs they are responsible for (additions, deletions, out-of-code, stockouts, etc.)?Deselect Answer

8 // Do you believe your brand managers spend their time effectively rather than allowing lower-priority suppliers to take up too much of their time?Deselect Answer

9 // Are CPC budgets and spending being effectively managed to get the most benefit for each dollar invested?Deselect Answer

10 // Are your brand managers true brand builders?Deselect Answer

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