Operations Labor Management

The wholesaler’s largest cost is also its largest opportunity.

Effective supplier management comes down to growing sales, properly utilizing resources, and being a great partner.  It is a key function of every wholesaler, and a significant opportunity. Without proper guidelines, processes and structure, wholesalers run the risk of losing sales and wasting resources.

Operations Labor Management consulting services include:

  • Operations organization structure development to improve overall supervision and accountability
  • Warehouse work flow improvement
  • Processes and procedures to improve productivity through proper work planning and measurement
  • Employee retention strategies
  • Assisting operations in fully utilizing technology solutions and achieving improved benefits realization for the wholesaler’s technology investment
  • Order accuracy improvement programs and processes
  • Delivery routing process management and productivity improvement programs
  • Inventory control process improvement and loss prevention programs
  • Improving communication and interdepartmental cooperation between sales and operations
  • Compensation system design for order builders, managers and supervisors

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