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Verno works with beverage wholesalers across the country to develop and implement solutions to specific business challenges. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Verno today to determine how we can help your company meet its biggest challenges. 

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Annual Planning

Business planning achieves alignment of strategies and optimal resource allocation. To be successful, planning must translate into action and accountability.

Go-To-Market Strategy

GTM is about defining the best field sales and service strategy to ensure the wholesaler wins in the market and on the P&L. GTM structures the wholesaler’s sales organization, processes, and systems to achieve sales and profit goals while ensuring service resources meet retailer requirements.

Org Structure Design

The wholesaler’s organization structure – the way wholesalers utilize their managers and supervisors – has a direct impact on sales and profit results. Verno’s organization structure consulting services are designed to align the structure with the wholesaler’s overall business and sales strategies. Organization optimization means getting the right person in the right job with the right skills and at the right costs, and then holding them accountable.

Service Policy

Service policy is the tool wholesalers use to align their sales, delivery, and merchandising resources to win in the market and achieve company cost and profit goals.

Inventory Control

Inventory is the wholesaler’s largest liquid asset. Wholesalers are often operating 24 hours a day and major portions of the wholesaler’s workforce are short-term and relatively transient.  Inventory control is all about effective process design and definition of responsibilities to minimize the risk of inventory loss.

Operations Labor Management

Operations management has become a more critical and complex aspect of the wholesaler. Today’s wholesaler recognizes that operations is the largest cost center and provides the largest  opportunity for cost improvement and containment.  Advances in technology mean more investment in operations and more opportunity for improved operations… if the technology is utilized correctly.

Supplier Management

Effective supplier management comes down to growing sales, properly utilizing resources, and being a great partner.  It is a key function of every wholesaler, and a significant opportunity. Without proper guidelines, processes and structure, wholesalers run the risk of losing sales and wasting resources.

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