What We Do

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Why We Do It

Beverage wholesalers are still structured & operating the same way they have been for years even though the market is changing rapidly, including their retailers, consumers, suppliers, and employees.


What We Do

Verno Consulting provides industry-specific best practices and a proven project management methodology to help wholesalers accomplish their specific goals. 


How We Do It

Verno designs customized solutions to better align their client’s strategy, structure & processes to ensure they stay ahead of the rapidly changing industry.

Go-To-Market Strategy

GTM structures the wholesaler’s sales organization, processes, and systems to achieve sales and profit goals while ensuring service resources meet retailer requirements.

Org Structure Design

Organization optimization is all about positioning the right person in the right job with the right skills and costs and then holding them accountable.

Service Policy

Service policy is the tool wholesalers use to align their sales, delivery, and merchandising resources to win in the market, achieve company cost and profit goals, and ensure resources are being used effectively.

Supplier Management

Effective supplier management comes down to growing sales, properly utilizing resources, and being a great partner.

Operations Labor Management

Today’s wholesaler recognizes that operations is the most significant cost center and provides the largest opportunity for cost improvement and containment.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is about effective process design, the definition of responsibilities, and the accountability to follow agreed-upon processes to minimize the risk of inventory loss.

KPI Dashboard

Management needs to measure the performance of functional areas to have an early warning system when an aspect of the business is out of kilter. KPIs are a hedge against a budding problem turning into a major problem. ​

How to Get Started

Let’s have a conversation.

Step 1

Initial Inquiry

You contact Verno with an initial inquiry and high-level summary of what you’re looking for.

Step 2

Conference Call

Verno sets up a time to talk with you and key leadership to further discuss your challenges, goals, and desired outcomes. Verno also explains our process and services in greater detail.

Step 3

Work Scope & Proposal

Verno delivers a first-pass work scope outlining your project goals, our project methodology, and a summary of expected deliverables. Once your team approves the work scope, Verno submits a final proposal complete with pricing and timing.

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