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Self-Diagnostic Test

Delivery Self-Test

1 // Do you have an in-house routing expert capable of using routing technology to do complete reroutes and route adjustments?Deselect Answer

2 // Are your delivery supervisors supervising, or are they glorified, helpers and relief drivers?Deselect Answer

3 // Do you have a formal, written delivery service policy that assigns a service frequency to each account?Deselect Answer

4 // Do sales and delivery work effectively together to reduce unnecessary stops, increase gross profit per stop, and balance volume over the days of the week?Deselect Answer

5 // Do your drivers have enough time to complete their assigned tasks at the store-level, and are they held accountable?Deselect Answer

6 // Is the daily caseload for each route high enough to use the equipment and personnel efficiently?Deselect Answer

7 // Do you have a strict policy for determining when a driver gets a helper or a merchandiser that helps the driver at specific stops?Deselect Answer

8 // Is your case volume reasonably balanced over the days of the week?Deselect Answer

9 // Are you tracking hotshots, miles driven, average CE/stop, average CE/route, load errors, driver overtime, delivery supervisor days spent running relief, etc.?Deselect Answer

10 // Is your delivery cost-per-case within your budget and industry standards?Deselect Answer

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