Wholesaler Tools

Forms and Tools

Verno created the following management tools during consulting engagements to help clients manage various projects and departments. Wholesaler executives and managers are encouraged to download the resources in this section and use them with their teams.  The resources are a collection of templates, checklists, calculators, and examples of policies.

Special Event Evaluation Form

“Which special events should we do?” The evaluation form can help you and your team evaluate and decide whether to do a first-time special event. Once it is populated, it will give the decision maker(s) most of the information they need to decide whether or not to do the special event.

KPI Benchmark Tracker

Populate this KPI Tracker to see where your company compares to the industry leaders’ benchmarks for each of the KPIs presented in Verno’s seminar.

How to Develop a New Delivery Minimum

Every wholesaler needs to have a delivery minimum policy – it’s just a matter of what type of policy and how the policy aligns with the wholesaler’s overall business strategy. Management-directed use of sales and delivery resources is a better strategy than too much service or overspending service in certain accounts at the expense of the medium and larger opportunity accounts. At some point, every wholesaler realizes their service resources are limited…

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