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Self-Diagnostic Test

Merchandising Self-Test

1 // Do you have the right mix of pre-sales reps and merchandisers?Deselect Answer

2 // Do you have dedicated merchandising supervisors?Deselect Answer

3 // Is adequate merchandising relief built into your staffing plan?Deselect Answer

4 // Do you provide new merchandisers with enough training before you send them out on their own?Deselect Answer

5 // Have you verified the need to merchandise each store each day of the week?Deselect Answer

6 // Do you have an effective merchandising frequency service policy to ensure accounts aren’t over-serviced?Deselect Answer

7 // Is merchandising overtime reviewed daily and managed effectively?Deselect Answer

8 // Do you have weekend merchandising supervision in the market?Deselect Answer

9 // Is using full-time merchandisers on weekends rather than part-time your main weekend staffing strategy?Deselect Answer

10 // Do you have a thorough merchandising retention strategy to help reduce turnover?Deselect Answer

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