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Read the brief anytime, anywhere

Talking to a colleage and realize the latest Brief was on the exact topic of conversation? In a meeting and want to discuss those watchouts with your team? Now you can access Verno’s Beer Brief from your devices.

Seminars & Presentations

Verno periodically gives industry best practice seminars to large groups of wholesaler executives. The presentations and supplemental resources are available for you to download, regardless of whether you could attend the seminar.

Training Videos

NEW!! Help initiate conversations with your leadership team with these 5-minute starter videos. Each video covers a specific hot topic or wholesaler strategy for companies to consider as they make leadership decisions.

Job Profiles

As wholesalers continue to grow larger, the need for legitimate job descriptions has increased substantially. Job descriptions provide a tremendous amount of value for wholesalers who are looking to take their company to the next level.

Key Operating Indicators (KOI)

KOIs are critial for measuring performance and making sure your company’s hitting its goals. As a subscriber, you have access to some of the essential KOIs that every wholesaler should consider tracking to measure the effectiveness of each of the departments.

Forms and Tools

As Verno creates management tools during consulting engagements to help clients manage various aspects of the business, you get access to them, too! Wholesaler executives and managers are encouraged to download the resources (templates, checklists, calculators, policy examples, etc.) and use them with their teams.

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