Is your picking crew turnover under control?

Do you have effective recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and supervisory practices in place?

Have you minimized the frequency in which picking crew members call out sick?

Do you look at your picking accuracy in terms of correctly picked orders (instead of cases picked correctly)?

Is your picking crew breakage under control and at an acceptable low level?

Is your picker compensation plan set up to attract the right caliber of people and motivate individual pickers for both speed and accuracy?

Have your sales and operations teams worked together and looked at sales practices that can significantly improve warehouse productivity (such as number of orders, late orders, off day deliveries, balancing the days of the week, etc.)?

Does your process for bringing in close-to-code beer from the market and redistributing it to the right accounts work effectively?

Do you have an effective key operating scorecard for all warehouse activities that allows you (and your warehouse management team) the ability to see how well the warehouse crews are operating?

Are the warehouse manager and supervisors spending the vast majority of their time on the floor supervising workers and work activity (versus actually doing the work they are supposed to be supervising and/or in the office doing administrative work)?

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