Do you have a well-defined, overall portfolio strategy?

Does your company have and adhere to formal supplier management guidelines (for each supplier - how often they are in the monthly PFP, how often they can attend sales meeting, minimum margin requirements, number of ride-withs, number of SKUs, etc.?

Are your SKUs properly controlled and does your company have and adhere to a formal SKU or brand addition policy, criteria and process?

Does your company have and adhere to a formal SKU or Brand deletion policy, criteria, and process?

Is the role of your brand manager(s) clearly defined?

Is the brand manager’s performance measured by gross profit dollars, CPC budget adherence, out-of-code for assigned brands?

Is the workload assigned to the brand manager(s) reasonable?

Is the brand manager managing the suppliers instead of the suppliers managing the brand manager?

Do you utilize strong administrative support and/or sales analyst support to ensure your brand manager(s) is not overly consumed with brand administrative duties?

Do you believe the right suppliers are getting the appropriate amount of focus and effort from your brand manager and the entire sales force?

Is your picking crew turnover under control?

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