Do you have a written, formal service policy that regulates the service frequency by size and type of retail customer and overall account potential?

Do you know how much it costs the company to make a delivery to different types of accounts?

Do you have either an internal or external delivery minimum target?

Do you know how many accounts have been assigned a service frequency greater than the service policy states they should receive?

Have you clearly defined the allowable exceptions to your service policies?

Have you reviewed and revised your service policy in the past 12 months?

Do you have key operating indicators that measure the effectiveness of and adherence to your service policy?

Do you safeguard to make sure your sales people are not making deliveries that allow them to work around the service policy?

Have you developed a formal policy that deals with draft account service frequency, off day deliveries, and hot shots?

Do you have a well-defined, overall portfolio strategy?

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